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Portable Cooling Units

If your application can't take the heat, consider renting portable cooling units from Portable Rental Solutions. Portable cooling is an affordable solution for many applications, including industrial facilities, server rooms, hospitals, and commercial office spaces.

Portable Cooling Unit Benefits

Spot cooling delivers a targeted stream of cool air on a particular target, reducing the need to cool an entire area. The savings in energy costs can be substantial. It's the difference between keeping a single server rack or a small office area cool compared to air conditioning an entire warehouse area.

That makes portable cooling a flexible, affordable solution for many home and industrial uses.

  • Easy installation: Our units require minimum installation, offering a quick and easy solution to cool problem areas.
  • Easy operation: The compressor includes high and low pressure warnings and units move easily on swivel casters.
  • Easy maintenance: These portable cooling units use removable, washable air filters.

Sizes range from 10,000 BTU to 84,000 BTU.

Calculate Your Portable Cooling Needs

Our Airrex portable cooling units are dependable, durable portable air conditioners. Their power is measured in British Thermal Units (BTU), with higher numbers signifying more powerful cooling units. This is a very important measurement: units that are the wrong size for the intended application may cost more or wear out more quickly than anticipated.

Use these tips to calculate the BTUs needed to cool a particular room. Remember that several factors beside square footage can impact unit efficiency, including:

  • Amount of sun exposure.
  • Number of people working in the area.
  • Number of servers or UPS systems.

Need more information or assistance determining the appropriate size for your portable cooling solution? Call Portable Rental Solutions at 1-800-699-8998.