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Evaporative Coolers

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Evaporative Coolers

Portable Evaporative Air Coolers

Also knows as "swamp coolers," evaporative air coolers cool air through the evaporation of water and use less energy than conventional air conditioning equipment. In low-moisture environments, evaporative coolers add moisture to the air, which can make the area more comfortable for people working there.

Evaporative coolers can reduce the air temperature by as much as 20 degrees and add needed moisture to the atmosphere. They require little maintenance, are attractively priced, and easy to install. Because they use less energy to operate, evaporative air coolers can be a more cost-effective solution for your cooling needs.

Uses For Portable Evaporative Air Coolers

The main difference between evaporative air cooling and air conditioning is that evaporative air cooling adds moisture to the environment, while air conditioning removes moisture. Evaporative air cooling is therefore most effective when humidity is low, so consider how and where it will be used before you decide on a cooling method. They're most often used in the Western United States and Mountain States, but are also useful in other geographic areas or industrial environments that have moderate humidity.

Popular uses for portable evaporative coolers include:

  • Air conditioning in arid climates.
  • Industrial plants
  • Commercial kitchens.
  • Areas where continuous air movement is needed, such as factory farming operations.

Portable evaporative air coolers can help meet your short-term cooling needs. They're versatile and easy to move from one area to another. This is a particular benefit if you have rooms/spaces that are occupied on an irregular basis.

Find out if a portable evaporative air cooler is right for you. Contact Portable Rental Solutions at 1-800-699-8998 for more information and a free consultation.

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